An Open Rant to Mark Cuban on Paying Taxes

An Open Rant to Mark Cuban on Paying Taxes

It’s tragic to read this coming from someone with immense wealth that paying taxes (and it seems without question) is the most patriotic thing we can do after military service.

I would argue that questioning that huge tax payment and what it goes towards would be the more patriotic thing.

Why not question why we don’t have a balanced budget? Or why are we constantly creating more money by debt issuance? The 2008 recession and the resulting QE and creation of trillions of dollars of debt and debasing/devaluing our purchasing power, to have this same dollar rescue mentality occurring today resulting in a $34 trillion national debt – one that steals from our children’s future (yours and mine), yet you accept it as your duty.

It’s honorable, but it’s tragic, and misguided.

Our own fed chairs openly acknowledge the ability to print more money if it is needed (here’s looking at you Neel Kashkari). Mark, your $288MM in taxes paid does nothing to the debt – it funds government for 0.009% of one day of federal spending ($30.6 billion a day). It would take paying $288MM 118,055 times to pay off the national debt.

But the US would still be printing money – making it out of thin air – not backed by anything – to pay for stuff that the vast majority of us don’t want, or don’t want to be involved in.

You have a privileged platform to actually fix the system, or at least get the conversation for real change and accountability started, just by being a notable public billionaire.

Yet, you do not.
You tow the line.
You are the status quo.
Hard money is the answer.
A debased dollar is not it.
#bitcoin fixes this.
Do better.

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