Westbrook 11th Anniversary Imperial Stout

Westbrook 11th Anniversary Imperial Stout

Ok, this is a crazy choice by Westbrook to brew. It’s an 11% ABV beverage – an Imperial Stout. It’s got chocolate and caramel overtones. Super sweet for a beer and definitely chocolatey. I find it strange (on a personal note) that I am a sweet-tooth historically but I’ve never really liked chocolate other than as a dessert treat (and I do like chocolate, a lot). I’ve never enjoyed chocolate mole’ or YooHoo chocolate drink or any number of chocolate beers. And this is another one to add to the list. I’m sure its just me though. Maybe…

I’m still drinking this thing though. That’s because it’s a huge 1 Pint 6 ounce bottle. Kind of like ordering a bottle of wine and getting a Magnum instead. It’s a lot of sweet beer to down. But I’m taking one for the team.

Oddly though, I had a Freshetta pizza for dinner tonight and I enjoyed the Stout with it. I had a slightly spicy meat lovers type pizza and had the Imperial Stout with it. Oddly, it worked well.

Funny thing is that I want dessert now and am wondering if I could make a Imperial Stout float with vanilla ice cream. It’d probably be tasty.

But now that I am 90% into my 1 pint 6 ounce glass of Imperial Stout, I imagine just about everything is tasty.

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