Komes Baltic Porter

Komes Baltic Porter

Yes, I know, I need to change out my pint glasses. These Shocktop glasses were free and served me well over the years. They just don’t add to the picture – especially if I don’t remember to rotate the glass off the Shocktop image.

But, the Komes Baltic Porter is pretty in the glass. It’s got a nice head and a dark malty body. It’s label says its one of the best polish Baltic porters. It’s a 9% abv, so it’s potent. And here’s the but… but it’s oddly sweet to me. It’s got a malty flavor and it’s dark, but it’s sweet – like corn syrupy sweet. You can lick your lips and still taste the sweet from ten minutes ago. It’s making me want to go get a black and tan to wash it down, or a kolsch. Something else. It makes we wonder how the Komes Imperial Stout will be when I try that next…

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