Adding a New Category – Bitcoin/Lightning Tech

Adding a New Category – Bitcoin/Lightning Tech

Since I’m a techie nerd and can’t find complete enjoyment knocking the banks and the fiat central planners all of the time, I am going to blog from time to time about one of my other passions also: Technology for Bitcoin and Lightning Network. I am currently working on several projects incorporating privacy, freedom, bitcoin and the lightning network.

From the Start9 Embassy personal server; to Internet of Things (IOT) projects on the LND (Lightning Network Daemon); to incorporating this knowledge and implementing it into the traditional point of sale software market to have bitcoin/lighting compete side by side with credit cards as a payment tender. I’ll cover it all.

There may be some deep-dive how-to’s that may show up as well. First up will be an overview of using Putty‘s Pageant App to store SSH keys so you can connect to multiple servers through Pageant which stores multiple keys in an active state for Putty to access. It will also include the simple storage of a single key in Putty itself with a slant toward Start9 Embassy users who want command line access.

We may have a video or two showing some of the work as well. We will all see if my editing skills are crap or not (I’m leaning towards the latter).



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