Might As Well Call This Brews & MaxiBTC

Might As Well Call This Brews & MaxiBTC

While I am sitting here writing this article, I am enjoying a Yuengling Black & Tan. I’ve really got to go visit their brewery in Pennsylvania one day. I have been a fan of Yuengling for a long time and Black & Tan just sits well with me. I’m in upstate New York on vacation and will be driving thru Penn next week – so maybe a little detour to Pottsville, PA is in store for my immediate future.

I’ve been in the crypto space for about 5 years. I had some BTC in 2015 and then had an Ethereum rig in 2017. Sadly I can’t find that BTC wallet anywhere (but I keep looking). And the Eth rig broke down years ago after netting me a loss of about $200. We (me and the wife) had successfully mined about $60 before the breakdown. I sold the parts and recouped a bit of the loss.

I took a break from crypto and then fell down the altcoin rabbit hole and explored the crypto exchanges, and DeFi and was seriously into some of the altcoins and their projects. But I really had no idea why I was into this – other than perhaps greed and dreams of riches.

I knew I wasn’t very good at trading. I didn’t enjoy learning about technical analysis. I realized that reading the charts was always about looking at the past. And that is just not my bag.

I messed around in DeFi and did some yield farming and also took a loan out to buy more altcoins. That was a piss-poor idea. The loan was using my Eth as collateral and the payback was in Eth and not a stable coin and so if the collateral went up in value so did the amount I owed. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense unless the altcoin I purchased made some significant gains – it didn’t. It lost a lot of value. I made a very fast effort to pay that loan back. Looking back, I realize I was uncomfortable because I didn’t understand what I was getting in to – the shitcoin casino. I also didn’t understand what money was and I guess I didn’t care at the time. And if you don’t know, altcoins are not money. They may have value but that doesn’t make them money.

I started reading books and listening to podcasts on Bitcoin. I knew instinctively that our monetary system was screwed up but didn’t quite know why. As I listened and read, I found out. I recommend any of you out there do the same. Start with Bitcoin Kindergarten or Fun With Bitcoin but make sure you read “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous. While this book is a bit long in the monetary theory and history, it does give a good in-depth overview of why knowing about money and its history will help you realize that Bitcoin is our future and our best defense against a corrupt and evil monetary system that permeates the entire world and infects everything we do on a daily basis.

Frankly, drinking beer to soften the blow of learning that we are pawns to the elite helps a bit but buying Bitcoin is what will empower us to overturn this corrupt system of fractional banking and the fiat dollar. I hope that with this blog, we will cover the vast myriad of topics that make up the Bitcoin rabbit hole. It is deep and it spreads far and wide.

Opt out and buy bitcoin.

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